Development Boards

Northwest Logic supports a variety third party Development Boards.
Northwest Logic provides complete Board Support Package (BSP) for most boards which includes:

  • Expresso 4.0 Core
    – 16.0, 8.0, 5.0 & 2.5 Gbit/s SERDES Support
    – Endpoint/Root Port support
  • Expresso 3.0 Core
    – 8.0, 5.0 & 2.5 Gbit/s SERDES Support
    – Endpoint/Root Port support
  • DMA Core
    – High-performance, multi-channel DMA operation
    – Works with Northwest Logic’s Soft PCI Express Cores or vendor PCI Express Hard Cores
  • Multi-Port Front End Core
    – Enables additional user ports to be easily integrated
  • Memory Controller Core
    – High-Performance DDR3/DDR2/DDR SDRAM support
  • Expresso Testbench
    – Full-featured PCI Express Bus Functional Model
  • DMA Driver
    – Works with DMA Core to implement high throughput DMA operations
  • Expresso GUI
    – Throughput characterization and PCI Express Solution demonstration

VendorPart NumberFPGAPCIe
For Pricing
Bit File

Avnet AES-S6DEV-LX150T-G Xilinx Spartan-6 x4, x1 DDR3 FGG676 150 -3 Avnet Contact Us
DiniGroup DNPCIE_40G_KU_LL Xilinx Kintex Ultrascale x8, x4, x1 DDR4 FFVA1156 KU035, KU040, KU060 -2 DiniGroup Contact Us
DNPCIE_10G_K7_LL Xilinx Kintex7 x4, x1 DDR3 FFG676 7K325T, 7K410T -2 Contact Us
DNPCIE_10G_HXT_LL Xilinx Virtex6 x8, x4, x1 DDR3 FF1923 HXT380T, HXT565T -2 Contact Us
HiTech Global HTG-V7-PCIE Xilinx Virtex-7T x8 DDR3 FFG1761 585 -2 HiTech Click here
Intel PSG (Altera) DK-DEV-10AX115S-A Altera Arria 10 x8, x4, x1 DDR4 1932 FBGA 115 -1  Altera Contact Us
DK-AS-5SGXEA7N Altera Stratix V x8, x4, x1 DDR3 1517 FBGA A7 -2 Contact Us
DK-DEV-2AGX125N Altera Arria II GX x8, x4, x1 DDR3/2 1152 FBGA 125   Contact Us
DK-DEV-4SGX230N Altera Stratix IVGX x8, x4, x1 DDR3 1517 FBGA 230 -2 Contact Us
Xilinx KCU116 Kintex UltraScale+ x8, x4, x1 DDR4 FFVB676 008 -2 Xilinx Contact Us
VCU118 Virtex UltraScale+ x16, x8, x4, x1 DDR4 FLGA2104 009 -2 Contact Us
KC105 Kintex UltraScale x8, x4, x1 DDR4 FFVA1156E 040 -2 Click here
KC705 Kintex-7 x8, x4, x1 DDR3 FFG900C 325 -2 Click here
VC707 Virtex-7 x8, x4, x1 DDR3 FFG1761 690 -2 Click here
VC709 Virtex-7 x8, x4, x1 DDR3 FFG1761 690 -2 Click here
AC701 Artix-7 x4, x1 DDR3 FBG676 200 -2 Click here
ZC706 Zynq-7 x4 DDR3 FFG900 45 -2 Click here
SP605 Spartan-6 x1 DDR3 FGG484 45 -2 Click here


Click here for more information on Northwest Logic’s PCI Express Solution.