PALTEK Selects Northwest Logic as its Low-Cost PCI Express Solution Partner

Low Cost FPGA x4 PCI Express with build-in PCI Express Core Solution with external PHY

PALTEK CORPORATION (JASDAQ: 7587), a leading silicon and electronic solutions supplier in Japan, today announced that PALTEK has selected Northwest Logic’s x4 PCI Express core as part of its low cost x4 PCI Express solution which includes an evaluation board and software.
This PCI Express evaluation board is fully x4 PCI-SIG compliant using Northwest Logic’s x4 PCI Express core. The board uses Xilinx’s cost competitive Spartan™-3 generation FPGA and external Genesys Logic’s PCI Express GigaCourier™ GL9714 PHY. By developing this cost effective solution, PALTEK aims to meet customer’s strong demand for low cost PCI Express solutions.

PCI Express is the latest high-speed interface for data transfer. It is being adopted in broad applications such as servers, computers, communication equipment, and digital consumer
appliances as well as industrial equipment. As the need for high-speed data transfer of large data amounts increases, PCI Express, which can support from 2.5Gpbs (x1 lane) up to 80Gbps (x32
lane), will take the place of PCI. PALTEK’s PCI Express Evaluation board, which delivers a low-cost x4 PCI Express solution, will be a very useful tool for helping meet time-to-market needs.
The PALTEK PCI Express Evaluation Board is first evaluation board to combine Xilinx’s cost-competitive Spartan™-3 FPGA with Genesys Logic’s x4 PCI Express 10Gbps PHY, GL9714.
Until now, in order to realize a multi-lane PCI Express solution, designers have generally had to use high-end and high-priced FPGAs. This board has been fully x4 PCI Express compliant at a recent PCI-SIG workshop.

PALTEK offers the PALTEK PCI Express Evaluation Board as a great design support tool for design engineer use for a wide range of application development. The Evaluation board is provided
with Northwest Logic’s reference design, driver and graphical user interface (GUI).
Mr. Brian Daellenbach, President of Northwest Logic said, “Northwest Logic is excited to have its PCI-SIG certified PCI Express cores and software be part of PALTEK’s PCI Express solution.
PALTEK is a leader in the Japanese FPGA industry. PALTEK’s PCI Express solution will provide an excellent tool for customers to quickly prototype and bring to market their own PCI Express
Mr. Hiroyuki Takasaki, Executive Vice President of PALTEK said, “PALTEK is very excited to have Northwest Logic as our solution partner. Northwest Logic offers high quality products and
services and their solid technical expertise enables to deliver compete PCI Express solutions to many customer demand.”

Pricing and Availability

The board is currently available through HiTech Global in the North America and Europe at
The high-performance PCI Express IP Cores are now available from Northwest Logic. For more
information about this solution, contact Northwest Logic at

About Northwest Logic

Northwest Logic, founded in 1995 and located in Beaverton, Oregon, provides high-performance, easy-to-use IP Cores for ASICs and FPGAs. Northwest Logic’s PCI Express IP Cores are available in x1, x4 and x8 lane configurations. The cores are specifically designed for ease-of-use including built-in DMA engine, simple user interface and a complete status port. The DMA Engine provides very high throughput, on-demand DMA operation. The cores are provided with a comprehensive PCI Express Verification Suite.
Northwest Logic also provides a fully certified PCI Express solution including boards, drivers and demonstration application.

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PALTEK is strong in providing solutions with Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs), Application Specific Standard Products (ASSPs) and other Networking related silicon. Based on sound business
performance, PALTEK made its Initial Public Offering on JASDAQ in 1998. Rooting from its corporate philosophy of “kyo-sei” (cooperative growth), the company is continuously making
efforts to contribute to the development of the ubiquitous society by providing the best available hardware and software solutions.

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