Northwest Logic’s PCI Express Solution Fully Certified at the December 2005 PCI Express Compliance Workshop

Beaverton, OR, December 9, 2005

Northwest Logic’s PCI Express Solution including:

  • PCI Express Core
  • PCI Express Complete Core
  • PCI Express Development Boards
  • PCI Express Drivers
  • PCI Express GUI

has been fully certified at the December 2005 PCI-SIG Compliance Workshop. This compliance certification, in addition to the extensive validation carried out by Northwest Logic, verifies that Northwest Logic’s PCI Express Solution provides a robust and proven platform for developing a PCI Express product.


The PCI Special Interest Group (PCI SIG) is responsible for the development of PCI-related standards including PCI Express, PCI-X and PCI. It is also responsible for the certification of products using these standards. The PCI SIG holds quarterly PCI Express Compliance Workshops in San Jose , California where companies can bring their PCI Express products to be certified.

The PCI Express Compliance endpoint certification testing consists of:

  • Interoperability Testing with a range of motherboard and switch products
  • Physical Layer Testing using a high-performance oscilloscope
  • Data-Link and Transaction Layer Testing using the Agilent Protocol Test Card
  • Configuration Testing using configuration test software

Because Northwest Logic’s PCI Express Solution is fully certified, customers can be confident that their product using this platform can be quickly developed and certified.

Solution Overview

Key advantages of Northwest Logic’s PCI Express Solution include:

  • Complete solution significantly reduces development risk, cost and schedule
  • PCI Express Back-End provides pre-packaged DMA design
  • Comprehensive testbench including PHY models provides quick, out-of-the-box simulation
  • Support all available Discrete and Integrated PHYs
  • Support slower speed grade FPGAs
  • High-quality technical support
  • Customization and integration services available

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