Northwest Logic offers quick-turn PCB layout services

Northwest Logic now offers quick-turn PCB layout services for customer-designed boards in addition to its complete FPGA, Board, Software and Chassis Development services.

Northwest Logic’s PCB layout expertise includes:

  • High Density:  High layer count, High I/O count BGAs, Micro Vias
  • High Speed:  Differential pairs, Controlled Impedance
  • High Volume:  Minimize layer count, high test coverage, yield-focused designs
  • Technologies:  Multi-Layer, Rigid-Flex, Flex PCBs

  • Form Factors:  PCI, CompactPCI, PMC, VME, ATX, PC104
  • Interfaces:  PCI Express, Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SATA, DDR2/DDR SDRAM
  • Applications:  Processor Boards, Interface Cards, Probe Cards, Backplanes

Key advantages of Northwest Logic’s layout services include:

  • Full compliance with IPC and DFM/DFT standards
  • Utilize board layout process proven to produce high-quality, high-yield boards
  • Provide additional signal integrity, thermal analysis and prototype build services
  • Full suite of PowerPCB and Allegro Tools

Click here for more information on our PCB Layout Service

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