Q4 2014


Market Leading PCI Express DMA/Bridging Solution

Northwest Logic offers market-leading DMA/Bridging cores as part of our comprehensive PCI ExpressSolution including:

  • 4 different DMA core flavors covering a broad range of design needs
  • High-throughput, scatter-gather DMA support
  • Supports memory-mapped and streaming (FIFO) DMA operation
  • Support for up to 1024 DMA Channels
  • High-performance Windows and Linux driver
  • High-throughput PCIe-AXI Bridging support
  • Optimized Root Port bridging support

Northwest Logic’s DMA solution is used in the Xilinx-7 series, Virtex-6, Spartan-6 connectivity kits. Click here for more information.

Northwest Logic Is NOW Part Of The Intel Custom Foundry Ecosystem

Northwest Logic offers PCIe and DDR controllers for use by customers of Intel Custom Foundry. These controllers along with the Intel Custom Foundry PHYs provide complete PCIe and DDR solutions. “Our SerDes IP has been successfully integrated with the Northwest Logic PCIe controller on multiple customer products,” stated Tony Pialis, Director of Analog Mixed-Signal IP, Intel Custom Foundry. “Working together, Intel Custom Foundry and Northwest Logic have created robust and silicon ready IO solutions for our customers.”

Xilinx Uses Northwest Logic Expresso DMA Core As Part Of Its OpenCL Offering

Xilinx uses the Expresso DMA Core as one of the key IP blocks in the hardware platforms supplied as part of the recently announced SDAccel™ development environment for OpenCL™, C, and C++, enabling up to 25X better performance/watt for data center application acceleration leveraging FPGAs. “The Expresso DMA core delivered the performance and feature set required for data center ready PCIe based solutions with SDAccel development environment” said Vinay Singh, Senior Product Manager of SDAccel.

Northwest Logic Releases DDR4 3DS Support

Three Dimensional Stack (3DS) is a new method of stacking memory die utilizing through silicon vias. This enables very high memory densities without increased signal loading. Memory vendors have already announced DDR4 RDIMM products utilizing the 3DS technology. Northwest Logic’s DDR4 Controller fully support 3DS requirements and is optimized to efficiently manage banks across both 3DS logical and physical ranks. For more information contact Northwest Logic.

Northwest Logic Uses Mentor Graphics’ Questa Advanced Verification Platform

Northwest Logic uses Mentor Graphics’ Questa platform as a key part of our comprehensive IP Core verification. The Questa verification platform provides excellent performance, functional and code coverage support and advanced verification management. In addition, Northwest Logic and Mentor Graphics collaborate to support mutual customers who are using our cores and Mentor Graphics’ full-featured VIP. Click here for more information on the Questa simulator and VIP.

DDR4 Controller Used In NVDIMM FPGA Designs

Non-Volatile DIMMs (NVDIMM) quickly save the DRAM contents to an on-board flash in the event of a system power failure. On power-up the DRAM is reloaded with the flash contents. Northwest Logic’s DDR4 Controller is being used by a variety of NVDIMM providers in FPGA designs which manages the transfer of data between the DDR4 DRAM and flash. Click here for more NVDIMM information.

Low Cost FPGA-Based MIPI Interface Support Now Available

Xilinx, Northwest Logic and Xylon announce the availability of a low cost Xilinx FPGA-based MIPI interface and associated IP. Xilinx FPGAs and NWL MIPI Cores can now be used to connect image sensors, displays and ASSPs that support the CSI-2 and DSI standards in 4K2K and beyond video systems. Click here to see a demo video.