Q3 2014


Northwest Logic Supports Low-Cost MIPI Interface

MIPI is being widely used to interface to embedded cameras, displays and Application Processors. The I/O of current FPGAs don’t natively support MIPI operation due to the complexities of switching between Low Power (LP) and High Speed (HS) MIPI modes.

Xilinx has created a low cost, passive component approach to solve this problem using external resistors in combination with the Series 7 FPGAs (Artix, Kintex, Virtex, Zynq). Northwest Logic has enhanced its CSI-2 and DSI Controller Cores to support this low cost approach. Xylon, Northwest Logic and Xilinx have created a complete camera + display demonstration of this approach. Click here to see the demo.

Northwest Logic Supports Toshiba Fit Fast Structured Array (FFSA)

Toshiba and Northwest Logic Logic have integrated and verified PCIe and memory solutions for use in the Toshiba FFSA platform. These solutions combine the Toshiba FFSA PCIe and DDR PHYs with Northwest Logic’s high-performance PCIe and memory controller cores to provide a fast and low-cost path to volume production for customers seeking product differentiation via custom products with substantially lower NRE and time to market. Click here for more information on Toshiba FFSA solutions.

Northwest Logic Support for Semtech’s Snowbush PCI Express® 3.0 PHY

“Northwest Logic and our customers have had very positive experiences with the Snowbush IP. This latest Snowbush PCIe PHY further extends Semtech’s strong PHY offering”, said Brian Daellenbach, President of Northwest Logic. “We fully support this PHY with our family of PCI Express Controllers and DMA Cores.” Click here for the full Press Release.

Rambus and Northwest Logic DDR4/3 Solution

Rambus Inc. and Northwest Logic have validated interoperability of the Rambus R+™ DDR4/3 PHY with the Northwest Logic DDR4/3 SDRAM Controller Core. The combined solution provides customers with a differentiated memory subsystem that brings together the superior signal integrity offered by the Rambus R+ PHY along with the robust Northwest Logic controller core for a proven and easy-to-integrate solution. Click here for the full Press Release.

S2C’s Virtex-7 ASIC Prototyping Platform Support from Northwest Logic

Northwest Logic’s PCI Express® 3.0 solution including the Expresso 3.0 Core (PCI Express 3.0 Controller Core) and family of DMA Cores has been validated on S2C’s ASIC prototyping platforms. These cores are now the latest addition to S2C’s Prototype Ready™ IP suite. This validation was done with 8 lanes running at 8 Gbit/sec SERDES rates. The joint validation effort ensures user’s confidence on integrating the high-speed PCIe IP into their SoC designs, shortening the project cycle. Click here for the full Press Release.

Northwest Logic Uses SmartDV Technologies MIPI Verification IP

Northwest Logic uses SmartDV Technologies MIPI VIP to comprehensively verify our CSI-2 and DSI Cores. “SmartDV’s MIPI VIPs come with comprehensive compliance test suites, functional coverage support and responsive technical support. Based on our positive experience, we highly recommend their VIP to our customers.” For more information on SmartDV, visit their website at

Northwest Logic Uses SynaptiCAD’s VeriLogger Simulator

Northwest Logic uses SynaptiCAD’s VeriLogger simulator as a key part of our comprehensive IP Core regression testing. “We use many VeriLogger seats across multiple computers to create a high-performance, regression-testing grid system. VeriLogger provides accurate Verilog simulation with good performance and an attractive price point along with excellent support.” For more information on VeriLogger, visit SynaptiCAD’s website at