Q2 2014


Northwest Logic Releases PCI Express Solution For Kintex UltraScale

Northwest Logic, a Xilinx Premier IP partner, now offers full PCI Express support for Xilinx Kintex UltraScale devices. This support includes Northwest Logic’s high-performance DMA Cores with AXI4 streaming and memory-mapped interfaces for both endpoint and root-port applications. These cores have been fully validated in hardware on the Kintex Ultrascale KCU-705 Board and are fully released. Northwest Logic also offers high-performance PCI Express 3.0 Endpoint/ Root Port Cores. Contact Northwest Logic for more information.

Northwest Logic Best Overall Supplier for 2013

ChipStart LLC, a leading provider of semiconductor intellectual property (SIP), recently honored Northwest Logic, a global leader in high-performance interface solutions for the semiconductor industry, with its inaugural Partner of the Year award for 2013.

DINI Group Chooses Northwest Logic PCIe Solution

DINI Group and Northwest Logic recently announced that DINI Group’s 1, 2, and 4-FPGA ASIC prototyping platforms have been validated using Northwest Logic’s PCI Express 3.0 solution including the Expresso 3.0 Core (PCI Express 3.0 Controller Core). Click here for more information.

Achronix Passes PCI-SIG with Northwest Logic PCIe

Achronix Semiconductor Corporation recently announced that its 22nm Speedster22i devices have achieved PCI-SIG® compliance with the PCI Express 3.0 Specification for 8 lanes. The Speedster22i devices successfully passed the PCI-SIG Compliance and Interoperability Tests at the PCI-SIG workshop and are now included in the PCI-SIG integrators list. Based on Intel’s 22nm Tri-gate technology, Speedster22i devices include Northwest Logic’s PCI Express Controller and DMA Core as hard IP. Click here for more information.

Northwest Logic Uses Avery Design’s Verification IP

Northwest Logic uses Avery Design’s PCI-Xactor VIP including associated compliance tests to comprehensively verify Northwest Logic family of PCI Express Cores against the PCI Express standard. This VIP enables Northwest Logic to obtain a high level of test coverage with a reasonable level of effort. Avery as a company has been very responsive to Northwest Logic’s needs. Avery keeps the VIP up to date against the PCIe standard and has provided a variety of support services to help Northwest Logic accelerate its verification efforts. Northwest Logic plans on using other Avery VIP including memory models and Mobile PCIe in the future. For more information on Avery, visit their website at