Q1 2014


Expresso DMA Bridge Core Now Available!

The Expresso DMA Bridge Core is the latest addition to Northwest Logic’s comprehensive PCI Express Solution. It supports high-performance DMA and bridging between PCI Express and AXI for both Endpoint and Root Port applications. Key features include:

  • High-Throughput PCIe-AXI Bridge
  • Address Translation and Security support
  • Optimized Root Port Bridging support
  • High-Throughput, scatter-gather DMA
  • Supports memory-mapped and streaming (FIFO) DMA operation
  • Supports up to 1024 DMA Channels

This solution is fully available for standard cell ASICs, Structured ASICs and FPGAs. Please contact for more information.

March 20 Webinar: Low-cost MIPI in FPGA

MIPI is now the preferred standard for connecting to low cost cameras and displays. This free webinar offered by Xilinx, Northwest Logic and Xylon will show you how to connect a Xilinx FPGA to a MIPI device in a very low cost manner. It will also present a comprehensive 8 lane camera and display demo. Click here to register.

LPDDR4 SDRAM Controller now Available

Low Power DDR4 (LPDDR4) SDRAM is a JEDEC standard intended for use in high-performance, low power consumer products including smartphones and tablets. It is the follow-on to the widely used LPDDR3 standards. Northwest Logic has verified and released its LPDDR4 Controller Core using memory models from Micron. The Micron LPDDDR4 devices will be available in production in 2014. “Micron sees significant customer interest in LPDDR4 due to the continuing demand for high-performance, low-power memory in battery powered applications. Northwest Logic’s support of LPDDR4 in their high-performance Memory Controller family is very timely and we are happy to see it is already available”, stated Eric Spanneut, director of Product Planning at Micron. Click here for more info.

HBM2 Controller now Available

High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2) is a JEDEC standard focused on supporting the memory bandwidth needs of the next generation 100G networking systems. It achieves very high bandwidth using a fine-pitch interconnect between the memory device and the host chip. Northwest Logic has verified and released its HBM2 Controller Core using memory models from Hynix. The Hynix HBM2 devices will be available in production in Q4 2014. “SK Hynix anticipates significant customer interest in HBM2 due to its high performance, low power, and cost effectiveness. We are delighted that Northwest Logic already provides HBM2 support ahead of time so our mutual customers can get an early start on their designs”, stated Sunny Khang, Director of DRAM Technical Marketing at SK hynix America. Click here for more info.

MRAM Memory Controller now Available

Everspin’s new Spin-Torque Magnetic RAM (ST-MRAM) provides high speed, low latency, non-volatile memory performance with very high endurance. With its DDR3 compatible interface, it can be used on the same memory bus as DDR3 DRAM devices. Northwest Logic has verified and released its MRAM Controller Core using memory models from Everspin. Everspin is currently sampling the EMD3D064M, 64Mb ST-MRAM to select customers. “MRAM will meet the needs of customers who need very high speed, high endurance persistent memory. This includes customers in the SSD and enterprise storage markets. We are very pleased to see Northwest Logic already supports MRAM with its high-performance Memory Controllers”, said Joe O’Hare, director of Product Marketing at Everspin. Click here for more info.

Achronix Shipping Northwest Logic PCIe Hard IP Core

Achronix Speedster22i HD FPGAs support up to two PCIe Gen3 x8 hard IP cores from Northwest Logic. Click here to see a video demonstration of the Northwest Logic PCI Express Gen3 core hardened in the Speedster22i device.

8 Lane MIPI Controller now Available

Northwest Logic is now delivering 8 lane (dual 4 lane mode) CSI-2 camera support. A variety of sensors including the Omnivision 16820 sensor use this mode to support advanced image resolutions (1K and higher). Click here for more info.