Kawasaki Microelectronics Achieves First-Silicon Success with Mixel’s MIPI and MIPI/LVDS Unified Solutions

Mixel Continues to Gain Market Share with Major Global Customers Deploying its MIPI Solutions

San Jose, CA — September 18th,2012—Mixel®, the leader in mobile mixed-signal intellectual property (IP), announced today that Kawasaki Microelectronics Inc. (K-Micro), a leader in high-end ASICs with state-of-the art design and development capabilities, has licensed Mixel’s silicon-proven MIPIŽand MIPI/LVDS unified solutions and is deploying the IP in multiple Integrated Circuits (IC)

Mixel provided K-Micro with a complete MIPI solution including the PHY and Controller. K-Micro licensed both the MIPI PHY (MXL-D-PHY-DSI-RX) and MIPI/LVDS combo PHY MXL-MIPI-LVDS-RX. The first IP is optimized for D-PHY DSI RX applications while the second IP supports both LVDS and MIPI. Both products support 4 data lanes and operation up to a 1.0 Gbps data rate.

The Controller was developed by Northwest Logic, an active participant in Mixel’s MIPI Central Ecosystem Partnership Program, which brings together best-of-class MIPI ecosystem stakeholders. The Controller provides a full set of DSI features including 1-4 lanes, Peripheral and Host, DPI, and DBI support. Mixel and Northwest Logic have successfully delivered the complete MIPI solution, including the PHY, Controller, and the MIPI validation platform to multiple customers since they announced their partnership back in 2009. That partnership enables their customers to obtain the complete MIPI solution seamlessly integrated from one vendor.

“Mixel and Northwest Logic’s leadership position in the MIPI IP’s PHY and Controller markets respectively, was one of the factors that influenced our decision,” said Yusuke Yamamoto, K-Micro’s senior manager, Marketing & Strategic planning department. “The first-silicon success and the outstanding support that we have received during multiple tape-outs validated this important choice. We’re looking forward to a long-term collaboration with both companies,” he added.

Mixel’s MIPI D-PHY IP supports all the D-PHY use-cases, namely CSI master, CSI slave, DSI master, and DSI slave, in addition to the MIPI PLL, and has been silicon proven to support 1.0 Gbps operation since 2007, and 1.5 Gbps since 2011. Mixel has so far silicon-proved its MIPI PHY in five different foundries and six different process nodes.

“We are glad that K-micro has joined Mixel’s substantial and fast-growing list of MIPI licensees. We are also delighted that Mixel can contribute to K-micro’s innovative product line supporting multiple interfaces such as MIPI and LVDS, sharing the same high frequency interface pins,” said Ashraf Takla, Mixel President and CEO. “The fact that first-tier global players such as K-micro, choose the Mixel MIPI solution is a testament to the competitive edge that our customers attain by working with Mixel and our MIPI ecosystem partners.”

Mixel will be demonstrating its D-PHY and M-PHY MIPI solutions at the TSMC Open Innovation Platform at the San Jose Convention Center, and MIPI Alliance face-to-face meeting in Miami, on October 16, 2012.

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Northwest Logic
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