ML555 (Virtex-5)

Northwest Logic provides a hardware-proven, high performance PCI Express solution for Xilinx’s high-density Virtex-5 LXT and SXT FPGAs.

This solution combines Xilinx’s Endpoint Block Plus hard core and Northwest Logic’s full-featured, high-performance DMA Back-End Core, PCI Express Driver and PCI Express GUI to provide a complete, pre-packaged PCI Express solution. This solution enables high-performance, multi-DMA engine PCI Express designs to be developed quickly with minimal PCI Express knowledge.

Binaries of Northwest Logic’s Virtex-5 PCI Express Solution for the Xilinx ML555 Board including FPGA, Window’s Driver and Window’s GUI binaries are available on Northwest Logic’s FTP site:

      Name: bsp_ftp_02
      Password: denver17


1. Please carefully read the User Guide in the Read First directory for binary download and installation instructions.

2. If you have any difficulties downloading the files, please contact Northwest Logic immediately at

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