2016 Newsletters

Q4 2016
HBM2 Update From Northwest Logic And eSilicon

  • Northwest Logic Delivers Next Generation DSI-2 Controller Cores
  • Analog Bits, Northwest Logic and Avery Designs Create A Complete Eco-system Solution for PCI Express® (PCIe®) 4.0
  • Northwest Logic MIPI solution Now Supports Intel Programmable Solutions Group (PSG) Arria-10 Devices
  • Philips Innovation Services Success With Northwest Logic CSI-2 Rx Controller Core
  • Mentor Graphics, Northwest Logic, And Krivi Semiconductor Announce Availability Of Complete DDR4 SDRAM IP Design And Verification Solution
Q3 2016
Northwest Logic’s Market Leading HBM2 Controller

  • Northwest Logic and Mixel’s MIPI DEVCON Presentation Now Available
  • Northwest Logic’s Advanced Memory Test For HBM2 Solution Now Available
  • ASIC Designers – Start Your PCIe 4.0 Designs Now!
  • Northwest Logic’s PCI Express Solution is now available for Xilinx UltraScale+ devices
  • Alazar Technologies and Northwest Logic Show IP Reuse Successes
  • Hasselblad Leverages Northwest Logic’s MIPI CSI-2 Controller Core
  • Northwest Logic Adds Amos Technology As An Israel Sales Rep
Q2 2016
Memory Controllers are available for use in GLOBAL FOUNDRIES advanced process nodes

  • Northwest Logic is a Platinum Member of the Altera Design Solutions Network (DSN)
  • “Start Your HBM2/2.5D Design Today” What Just Happened?
  • Mercury Systems And Northwest Logic Show IP Reuse Successes
  • Northwest Logic’s PCI Express 4.0 solution certified at the April PCI Express 3.0 Compliance Workshop!
  • Northwest Logic and M31 Technology Corp. Collaborate To Provide Complete Solutions
Q1 2016
CSI-2 Controller Core V2 Now Available

  • Live HBM2/2.5D Seminar, March 9, 2016 in Mountain View, CA
  • FIDUS/Inrevium MIPI D-PHY Board Available
  • Northwest Logic and Toshiba are collaborating to expand capabilities for the Toshiba FFSA™ and ASIC platforms
  • Rambus and Northwest Logic PCIe ASIC solution
  • Northwest Logic Launches Its New and Improved Website
  • Northwest Logic Adds New Asia-Pacific Sales Reps