2015 Newsletters

Q4 2015
Northwest Logic Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

  • Northwest Logic’s Memory Solution for 14nm Customers of Intel Custom Foundry
  • CSI-2 Controller with C-PHY Support Released
  • Northwest Logic provides complete, silico-proven PCI Express Solution
  • DINI Group uses Northwest Logic’s PCI Express Solution for it’s ASIC Prototyping Platforms
  • MIPI D-PHY FPGA Prototyping Support from S2C
  • Altia Systems Selects Northwest Logic’s MIPI Solution for it’s PanaCast 2 Video Camera
Q3 2015
HBM Controller Core has been Hardware Validated

  • Northwest Logic’s PCI Express Solution used in over 700 Designs
  • Northwest Logic CSI-2 Controller Cores Validated on Arrow MAX10 DECA Board
  • Northwest Logic and Altera RLDRAM3 Support for Arria 10 is Coming Soon
  • Northwest Logic and Invecas Collaborate to Provide Complete Solutions
  • Toshiba FFSA™ Now Supported
Q2 2015
PCI Express 4.0 Core

  • Northwest Logic’s DMA Core is Now Included in Vivado 2015.1 IP Catalog
  • Complete CSI-HDMI Demo
  • HBM Gen 2 Controller Coming Soon
  • Northwest Logic and S2C Deliver Hardware Validated MIPI Solution
  • RLDRAM 3 Solution Availability for Arria 10
Q1 2015
New MIPI Camera-to-Display Demo

  • Northwest Logic supports Xilinx IP Integrator tool flow
  • Northwest Logic Offers MRAM Controller IP compatible with Everspin’s ST-MRAM
  • Northwest Logic Expresso DMA Bridge Core Shipping in Xilinx KCU105 Evaluation Kit
  • High-Performance DMA Drivers Support Latest OS
  • MIPI Face to Face
  • Northwest Logic Uses Blue Pearl Software’s Analyze RTL™