2014 Newsletters

Q4, 2014
Market Leading PCI Express DMA/Bridging Solution

  • Northwest Logic Is NOW Part Of The Intel Custom Foundry Ecosystem
  • Xilinx Uses Northwest Logic Expresso DMA Core As Part Of Its OpenCL Offering
  • Northwest Logic Releases DDR4 3DS Support
  • Northwest Logic Uses Mentor Graphics’ Questa Advanced Verification Platform
  • DDR4 Controller Used In NVDIMM FPGA Designs
  • Low Cost FPGA-Based MIPI Interface Support Now Available
Q3, 2014
Northwest Logic Supports Low-Cost MIPI Interface

  • NWL Supports Toshiba Fit Fast Structured Array (FFSA)
  • Northwest Logic Support for Semtech’s Snowbush PCI Express® 3.0 PHY
  • Rambus and NWL DDR4/3 Solution
  • S2C’s Virtex-7 ASIC Prototyping Platform Support from Northwest Logic
  • Northwest Logic Uses SmartDV Technologies MIPI Verification IP
  • Northwest Logic Uses SynaptiCAD’s VeriLogger Simulator
Q2, 2014
Northwest Logic Releases PCI Express Solution For Kintex UltraScale

  • NWL Best Overall Supplier for 2013
  • Dini Chooses NWL PCIe
  • Achronix Passes PCI-SIG with NWL PCIe
  • NWL Uses Avery Design’s Verification IP
Q1, 2014
Expresso DMA Bridge Core Now Available!

  • March 20 Webinar: Low-cost MIPI in FPGA
  • LPDDR4 SDRAM Controller now Available
  • HBM Controller now Available
  • MRAM Memory Controller now Available
  • Achronix Shipping NWL PCIe Hard IP Core
  • 8 Lane MIPI Controller now Available