• Q3, 2015 - Northwest Logic’s HBM Controller Core has now been hardware validated using a platform from eSilicon which consists of a Xilinx Virtex-7, SK Hynix Gen1 HBM Device and an organic interposer.
  • Q2, 2015 - PCI Express 4.0 Core, Northwest Logic’s DMA Core is Now Included in Vivado 2015.1 IP Catalog, Complete CSI-HDMI Demo, HBM Gen 2 Controller Coming Soon, Northwest Logic and S2C Deliver Hardware Validated MIPI Solution, RLDRAM 3 Solution Availability for Arria 10
  • Q1, 2015 - New MIPI Camera-to-Display Demo, Xilinx IP Integrator support, Everspin MRAM support, Expresso DMA Bridge Core in Xilinx KCU105 Kit, OS support for DMA Drivers, MIPI Face to Face, NWL uses Blue Pearl
  • Q4, 2014 - PCIe DMA/bridging solutions,NWL part of Intel ecosystem,Expresso DMA in Xilinx OpenCL,DDR4 3DS,NWL endorses MG Questa,DDR4 NVDIMM
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    Memory Interface Solution

    • Controller Cores
      - DDR4/3/2/1
      - LPDDR4/3/2/1
      - HBM, MRAM
      - RLDRAM 3/II
    • Add-On Cores
      - AXI, Multi-Port, Reorder, ECC
    • DDR PHY

    PCI Express Solution

    • Expresso Cores
      - PCI Express 3.0, 2.1, 1.1
    • DMA
      - Cores
      - Drivers
    • Development Boards

    MIPI Solution

    • Controller Cores
      - CSI-2
      - DSI
    • Demo Systems